ADEME France



A State industrial and commercial body, created on 1st January 1992, and attached to the Ministries of Environment, of Industry and of scientific research.

Organization Chart


  • Conservation of energy and raw materials
  • Promotion of renewable energy resources
  • Promotion of clean and energy-efficient technologies
  • Waste reduction, disposal and recycling for economic value.
  • Prevention and reduction of air pollution
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Prevention of soil pollution

ADEME conducts its programmes through its central offices and a network of 26 regional delegations.

Human Resources

ADEME has 700 employees, 400 of them being technical specialists. About half of them work in the regional delegations.

Financial Resources

The annual budget is about 250 million euros drawn from three main sources:
state budget allocations,
taxes collected and administered by ADEME
financial resources generated by services provided at the international level

Examples of Products & Services

ADEME promotes

ADEME promotes a broad range of research and development plans. It supports the promotion of market technologies and to improve information dissemination and public awareness on environmental and energy issues.

ADEME is also an active member

ADEME is also an active member of the environmental and energy management community at the european and international levels : through information exchange networks and contribution to regulating work in scientific and technological fields.

ADEME provides

ADEME provides expertise to local and national government authorities, industrial companies, consumers and citizens.

ADEME provides technical assistance

In developing as well as in economically emerging countries, ADEME provides technical assistance, either as part of bilateral agreements or within european or international co-peration programmes.


Michèle PAPPALARDO President

Nicolas DYEVRE: Area Manager Mediterranean and Middle East – European and International Affairs Department.

Address: 27, rue Louis Vicat 75737 PARIS CEDEX 15 – FRANCE

E-mail: [email protected]