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The National Energy Research Center (NERC), founded in 1998 is considered as one of the specialized science and technological centers working under the umbrella of the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST).


To promote research and development in the fields of new and renewable energy, raising the standards of energy use in the different economic sectors and energy conservation.

Human Resources

Products & Services

NERC has 33 employees, 21 of them being technical specialists.

Wind Energy

  • Preparing a wind database and Identifying and evaluating the promising sites for wind farms.
  • Conducting technical consultations in wind energy utilizations for public and private sectors.
  • Manufacturing, installing and maintaining mechanical wind pumping systems for water.
  • Designing and manufacturing small wind turbines and their components and transferring their production technology to the private industry.

Solar thermal energy

  • Design of solar collectors and solar thermal systems for residential and industrial applications.
  • Testing of solar collectors and on site testing of solar thermal systems.
  • Training activities in the fields of solar thermal applications.

Rational use of energy

Conducting energy audits in industry and commercial sector.
Consultancy prior to new investment.
Promotion of energy saving equipment.
Promoting rational use of energy.
Establishing an information system.
Conducting training courses in the field of energy conservation.


  • Installation, testing, evaluation and testing of PV-systems.
  • Research and development.
  • Organization of training courses, seminars and conferences.
  • Design, simulation and optimization of PV-systems.

Oil shale

Conducting studies to determine the feasibility of oil shale utilization.

Geographic information system (GIS)

  • Establishing Energy Database for Jordan.
  • Energy data base management and analysis.


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