ALMEE Lebanon



ALMEE is a non-governmental, non profit association created in November 1992.

Services & Activities


Develop and promote at a national level, the scientific and technical means for a better energy management and substantial energy conservation in different fields such as renewable energies: solar water heating, photovoltaic systems, wind energy and biomass in buildings and transports.

ALMEE offers a wide range of services in the fields of energy:

  • It carries out scientific and technical research for a better energy management
  • It facilitates information exchange with organs and sister associations in Lebanon and abroad.
  • It aims at creating a library and a data base for energy, and an organ for the standardization and technical control of equipments.
  • It issues technical journals dealing with different aspects of energy and encourages editions on energy issues.
  • It organizes training, seminars, conferences and symposium dealing with various aspects of energy and energy conservation.
  • It helps develop non-polluting energies for the protection of the environment and the eco-system.
  • It contributes to the sensitizing of consumers of energy through regular campaigns of information in the media for the benefit of energy conservation.

Fields of Action

ALMEE’s technical commissions carry out projects in the following fields and issues:

  • Renewable energies (solar, wind power, biomass)
  • Industry
  • Building (insulation, heating, glazing)
  • Energy and the environment
  • Transport


Professor Chehab Said: President
Address: SLI Rue Notre Dame de Lourdes BADARO
Phone: 961 1 3 83 908

Mr Matar Tony: Technical Adviser
Phone: 961 92 1 5 840, 961 38 38 396
E Mail : [email protected]

A.L.M.E. Address: BP 1553 or 50184 Lebanon
Phone : 961 1 3 85 043