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The Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía –IDAE), was established in 1986 and is a state-owned business structured entity reporting to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade through the General Secretariat for Energy.


IDAE is the main Spanish institution in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. IDAE’S mission is to promote the efficient and rational use of energy in Spain, to diversify the country’s sources of energy and to encourage the increasing use of energy from renewable energy sources.

Organizational Structure

Financial Resources

IDAE has two management bodies:

  • The Board of Directors is the top governing body, formed by the President, two Vice-presidents, several members and a Secretary. The President is the General Secretary of Energy, while the other members come from governmental departments whose competencies are linked with IDAE.
  • IDAE’s General Manager, is responsible for the administration, management and representation of the Institute

The organisational structure of IDAE is as follows:

  • General Secretariat
  • Saving and Energy Efficiency Directorate
    -Buildings and domestic sectors
    -Services and agriculture
    -Energy transformation
    -Renewable Energy Directorate
    -Wind energy
    -Solar thermal and photovoltaic
    -Economic and Administrative Directorate

Financial Resources

A part of IDAE’s financial resources come from investment returns and from the sale of services. Additionally, the Institute receives a transfer from the State Budget for the accomplishment of public tasks and for the implementation of RES and RUE programmes.

IDAE’s global budget for 2005 is 91,36 million Euro, and will be applied mainly to the following activities:

  • Regular IDAE’s investment in projects 27,5 million Euro
  • Support to the Spanish Renewable Energy Plan 27,8 million Euro
  • Activities to support the Spanish Strategy on Energy Efficiency 20 million Euro
  • Advice, dissemination and international co-operation 3,3 million Euro

Human Resources

IDAE has around 140 employees of which approximately seventy-five per cent have high degree technical qualifications in subjects relating to engineering, industry, energy and economics plus a wide experience in different energy technologies.

Target Groups

Products & Services

IDAE’s large scale goals are structured around two pillars: energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (wind power, biomass, solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, mini-hydroelectric plants and biofuels) all acting in parallel to achieve, simultaneously, an improvement in energy intensity and the gradual implementation of technologies for the exploitation of non-polluting resources.
Thus, IDAE carries out its strategic actions in the sectors of industry, transport, agriculture, domestic and services through two main lines: promotion and project investment.


Support in the development of regulations and in the implementation of the State policy in the fields of energy saving, conservation and diversification of renewable energy sources. IDAE is responsible for the development, updating promotion and monitoring of the Spanish Strategy on Energy Efficiency and of the Spanish Plan for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources.
Dissemination of information and running of communication activities to raise awareness among the main energy consuming sectors and citizens.
Investment activities

Technological development projects
Innovative and Demonstrative projects
Market stimulation projects
International activities and representation of the Spanish Government in RES and RUE fora. IDAE is member of EnR, Medener and actively participates in European support programmes.

IDAE carries out its investment activities using diverse financial formulas: third party financing, temporary business unions, economic interest groups, shareholding in joint-stock companies, etc.


Ms. Virginia Vivanco, Project responsible of the International Relations Dpt.
Ms. Marisa Olano, Head of the International Relations Dpt.

Address: IDAE (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía)
Calle de la Madera, 8
28004 MADRID

Telephone No.: 00 34 – 914 56.49.00/50.25/50.26
Fax No.: 00 34 –915 23.04.14
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